Snakes and eggs

Snakes and eggs

This is an excerpt from the latest issue of Singularity:

Most species of snakes are oviparous, meaning they lay eggs and their young hatch from the eggs. Oviparous comes from ovi, meaning “egg”, and parous, meaning “birth” or “having offspring”.

I researched on the topic because a colleague said all snakes lay eggs. Out of curiosity, I looked up information on various snakes and found there were 3 categories: oviparous, viviparous, and ovoviviparous.

You can read more about it in the September issue.

Singularity Magazine September 2010

Singularity September 2010 issue

In this September 2010 issue, I have an exclusive interview with Parker Emmerson (also mentioned previously), a mathematician, musician and artist. We talked about his art and how he used mathematics to create images.

Download the September 2010 issue. It’s free.

Other articles include:

  • The business of iPhone apps (yay, finally, a tech article!)
  • How to understand 1/3 of Japanese texts in 1 hour
  • What happened at the Tech65 Party?
  • You probably don’t know this about snakes…
  • I witnessed the “beheading” of dozens of plastic bottles. A PHEMAS live cutting event.

Read all that, right here in the September issue. Download the September 2010 issue.

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