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A square described in any rotational orientation with 1 equation

What started out as an innocent question meant to poke me became an interesting math problem to ponder. You might want to read the original question and the answers presented. The final question was, can a square be described in any rotational orientation (based on the 2D Cartesian plane) with just 1 equation? The answer […]


Quiz: Can you describe a square with 1 equation?

I was hanging out with my friends, and somehow the topics wandered into something that prompted a mischievous grin from one of the guys. “Eh, I have a maths problem for you.” He could probably blind someone with that playful twinkle in his eye. “Can you describe a square with just 1 equation?” “What?” My […]


Squares, hexagons and distance

Most traditional board games use squares to segregate space. Space is divided evenly. Lines are easy to draw. Everything is structured. Bliss. Except that when you need to move to a diagonal square, you need to move 2 squares instead of √2 squares. Wait, a non-integer movement? That cannot be tracked! Dungeons & Dragons 4th […]