When you have to Paint

When you’re a lowly programmer, you just clock in, do whatever your superiors tell you to do, and you clock out. When you’re a corporate programmer, aaahhh, this is where the fun part comes. You get people saying to you, “Make it more user friendly” or “The login page doesn’t look nice enough. Fix it.” Then you think to yourself, “But I’m supposed to just write code!” Think again.

When I started doing graphics work because there’s no web designer nor graphics artist in my team, I fell back on the good old Windows Paint program. Yes, I can hear people laughing from as far away as the United States…


Now that you’ve calmed down, you have to realise that I don’t have professional graphics software, so I make do with what I have. Which isn’t much. So I branched out. I found this wonderful free software that forms the integral part of my graphics work. It’s Paint.NET, and it’s packed with lots of stuff comparable to Photoshop. And together with Windows Paint, I have in possession the basis of my image processing skills.

And for those with Photoshop: more power to you.