Hot Fuzz – Hilariously Funny

After a long and tiring week, I was deciding what to do to amuse myself on this Sunday afternoon. I went to my usual local movie site, and found the movie “Hot Fuzz”. Then I remember seeing the preview a while back, and thought it was funny. So my plan for the afternoon was set.

Quick digression: fuzz informally means the police.

The movie is about this high flyer of a policeman, I’m sorry, police officer, Nicholas Angel, who was transferred to the quiet village of Sandford because he had a 400% arrest rate compared with his peers, and he’s embarrassing the entire department.

So there he was, itching to squash some crime, and he arrested some underage teenagers for drinking in a pub, the night before he was even officially to report for work. I can identify with him a little, when sometimes I feel my talents could be put to better use… oh well.

Amidst dealing with his recalcitrant colleagues, villagers with uncanny knowledge of goings-on and a partner who longs for big action, Angel manages to sit through a 3 hour long horribly blasphemous rendition of Romeo and Juliet, takes on the unexciting task of finding a swan, and taking care of his Japanese peace lily.

There are traffic accidents (I’m sorry, traffic collisions), flaming houses and exciting chases on foot. There’s arterial spray, decapitation and exploding bombs. If you can stand a little blood (CSI sort of conditioned me), and a little “colour” in the dialogue (officers dump change into a box whenever someone swears), and open-minded on your beliefs, then “by the power of Castle Grayskull”, you absolutely have to watch this movie.