Chalcography, Die Hard and Gamberetto

The arts

For the past few weeks, I had passed by this bus stop where a post on the signboard had this alluring picture. It was Mona Lisa. It was also done in pencil, or so I thought (I was on the bus, and couldn’t see clearly).

So one day, I peered really closely, and discovered there’s an exhibition going on in the Singapore Art Museum on chalcography. Interesting…

Too bad that’s the only picture I could take. Galleries are off limits. Here’s what I found out during my tour of the chalcography displays:

  • Chalcography is engraving on copper to make templates to print paper (or some such)
  • Some of the prints are very detailed (individual tree branches, hair)
  • There are a lot of nude or semi-nude models in the prints (must be the Renaissance)
  • I find myself scrutinising at prints a lot (the backdrop, not the nude)

The exhibition is held at the Singapore Art Museum from 4 May till 22 July 2007.


I also caught the latest installment of the Die Hard series, starring Bruce Willis. Aside from the subtle nation protection messages, the bad guys used a lot of work from hackers, with the movie’s emphasis on the surviving whiz kid’s algorithm. Mathematical encryption program. Oh, that just warms my heart…

New experience

When I visited my favourite local pasta restaurant, they were offering a new selection. Thinking that it’s about time for me to try something new, I decided I could go for a gastronomical one. I chose the “Creamy Herb Gamberetto”. Normally, I prefer a tomato-based pasta, but since I’m going for new… It’s good. Oh, so gamberetto means shrimp or prawn. I think mine were tiger prawns.

I think I’m getting a headache from all the new experiences…