Live Earth 2007 – Post-mortem

It was a bright and cheery Saturday. I had an unexpectedly wonderful afternoon in the art museum (which is another story), and had already decided to check out what Live Earth program aired on the local TV network.

I watched a few minutes of the program, and decided that I don’t really know any of the musicians and that I’d be better off doing something else. Like reading.

Alright, fine, I surfed the Internet. I checked out the Live Earth web site again. And I finally noticed it.

The organisers are obviously not fans of the Law of Attraction. What you focus on, expands. Concerts for a climate in crisis, will keep the climate in crisis. I suggest “Concerts for a greener planet”.

I also found this interesting little nugget:
I have a sensitive nose and lungs. Anytime I see or hear “incense” or “smoke”, I try to stay far far away.

I thought burning stuff will contribute to the rising global temperature. Why do I need to light up an incense stick?

There has got to be a better way to check for window drafts. Forgive me for asking, while we’re here, can someone tell me why we need to check for window drafts? I live in Singapore, and if anything, I’d love a draft, because it’s unbearably hot here.