BlogRush – the first rush

[Note: there are referral links in the post]
BlogRush widget capture I just read an article from Yaro about this new blog widget/technology called BlogRush. Intrigued, I went to take a look and after watching the introduction video, I was moderately interested.

But I was actually ready to abandon the whole idea, because it sounded a bit too fantastic. Then I thought that this was an excellent chance to do some blog traffic experimentation. So here’s a brief rundown of how it works.

  • Sign up for an account, where you’ll then be given some Javascript
  • Stick that Javascript code into your blog
  • Wait for traffic to come

That’s the easy part. Now for the technical part. Every time your page is loaded with the widget, you get one credit. For every credit you amass, your blog is shown on another blog’s BlogRush widget. So this means, the more your blog is visited, the more your blog is shown on other blogs, which brings more visitors.

Here’s the cool part. For every referral you make by getting someone to sign up for BlogRush, their credit is added to your own. And for every referral that person make, you get their referral’s credit too. It’s a multi tier thing, and it goes up to ten levels deep.

This was where my internal alert came up. I thought on it for a while, and decided that it could be marketing done well. It’s similar to other means of marketing, like MyBlogLog. So after deliberating for another few minutes, I decided to give it a go.

Besides, it might be fun to see how a startup technology perform. Here’s the link again:

Just checked my inbox, and received an email from John Reese, the founder of BlogRush. Turns out the referral system isn’t one credit per referral all the way down the ten tiers, as I originally thought.

1st Generation Of Referrals (Directly From You) = 1:1 2nd Generation Of Referrals (i.e. Jen in the video) = 1:1 3rd – 6th Generation Of Referrals = 1:4 7th – 10th Generation Of Referrals = 1:8

1:1 means you earn 1 syndication credit for every 1 impression of the widget by your own traffic or by any users located on the 1st (direct) or 2nd generations.
1:4 means you earn 1 syndication credit for every 4 impressions of the widget by any user located on the 3rd to 6th generations.
1:8 means you earn 1 syndication credit for every 8 impressions of the widget by any user located on the 7th to 10th generations.

Anyway, after giving it some thought, BlogRush will need a really scalable system or they’re going to crash. Just remember Friendster. And this is going to be much more calculation intensive. I would think most bloggers have more readers as referrals than people have as friends. And this is supposed to be ten levels deep.

Crash and burn? Only time will tell…

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