Christmas office decoration

It’s about 3 weeks till Christmas and decorations are going up. Shopping centres and malls are decorating. Orchard Road (a major stretch of shopping venues in Singapore) is being decorated. Why not offices?

So my colleague took it upon herself as master decorator and whipped out her secret stash of decorabilia, and enlisted the help of another colleague and myself to help deck our portion of office space.

So here’s the obligatory Christmas tree
Christmas tree

She decided to spruce up the thin railing of our cubicle partition this year, with this result
Decoration along cubicle partition

Since we’re here, I might as well show you what my desk looks like…
Part of my desk
That’s the left wing. The right wing looks messier, with more stacks of files and paper. I’ll spare you the image…

Here’s my computer
My computer
Yes, it’s still with a cathode ray tube monitor. I take good care of it, so barring unforeseen circumstances, it does what it does. It’s getting a little cranky though, a bit slower than before…

Oh yes, apparently, the ground is not enough for my creative colleague. She attacked the ceiling too.
Decoration on fire sprinkler
The fire sprinklers aren’t doing anything useful anyway…

[There has been one made up word in this post]