Blogging on another turf

Also known as guest posting. It’s been a while since I’ve started blogging. I blog because I want to share my knowledge of programming and the activities surrounding it.

Anyway, I wrote a post for Tapping Creativity by Geoffrey Hineman, describing a fairly routine, yet indispensable ritual I need at work to get me going: listening to music. I had to think of what I’m actually trying to do, before I could come up with a satisfactory title, “Coaxing Creativity with Music“. It’s also my first guest post (I’m so excited!). Talk about stretching myself…

In the post, I talked about listening to a variety of music. Well, I’ve been stretching myself again, and buying music from artists I’ve never heard of or would never have listened to. I bought the CDs based on the look of the CD cover and *drum roll*, my gut feeling. Pure instincts. I just bought a Maroon 5 CD (It won’t be soon before long). You know what, they’re really good.

It took a while for me to get used to writing regularly on my own blog, let alone writing for someone else’s blog. Let me tell you, it’s hard work and tough. And I learned a lot. And I became a better programmer because of it.

I learned how to manage a blog. I learned by reading other people’s blogs (programming and otherwise). I developed better discipline (try keeping to a regular blogging schedule and you’ll know). And all these skills and knowledge made me a better manager of software code and design.

And check out another article by Geoffrey, describing the Rapid Tangential Thought Process process. Following an idea all the way through sometimes work better than scattered learning.