Exploits of a mom

Here’s a comic strip I recently read. I can’t remember whose RSS feed I read it from (sorry!), but I Googled, and found the original source (I hope). Here’s the link: http://xkcd.com/327/

Shrunk a little to fit into the width. Click to enlarge.
Exploits of a mom

When I read it, I laughed and laughed. I did LOLs and nearly did an ROTF. So I shared it with my fellow colleagues. As expected, no reply. However, one fellow asked me what the joke was.

So I explained it to him, giggling and excitedly. Now I don’t know whether I’m happy that I explained the joke to him, or that I’m sad because I had to explain the joke to him. Seems like I’ve got some work to do about creating awareness on SQL injection and other security issues…

  1. Josh

    XCKD is a great comic for geeks. This is one of my fave strips too – “little bobby tables”, priceless. But yeah, a bit worrying if you have to explain the joke to developers!

  2. Vincent Tan

    Yeah, I’m on something like a personal mission to raise programming skills so my colleagues and I can code better together.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Ben

    Hey you are lucky to have colleagues who actually know what databases are. Out here in the middle of nowhere I never speak tech related things cause I know no one will understand me.

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