Not April Fool joke

With the proliferation of humour posts on April Fool’s day, I realised that my newsletter might be taken as a joke. It’s not.

I intend to publish my newsletter on the 1st and 15th of every month. And my first issue happened to be on the first of April. It’s an unfortunate coincidence. *sigh*

So if you want interesting articles, programming related and otherwise, please subscribe to my newsletter, Polymath Programmer Publication (P3). You’ll receive new content apart from this site’s content, so it’s not like an email summary of the week’s articles. Subscription form available from the main site.

I talked about regular expressions and recommended 2 demos from the Breakpoint 2008 demoscene event in my first issue. So P3 launching on the 1st April is not a joke.

BBC’s flying penguins on the other hand…