Real money, RPG money

I’m careful with the way I use my money. Once in a while, I splurge a little, maybe a book as a reward. I’m moderately thrifty and have a balanced lifestyle.

All this goes out the window when I play a role playing game.

In a computer/console RPG, I take unimaginably stupid risks. If there’s a piece of armour priced at 2000G (gold pieces), and I had 1950G, I’d go out there and kill a few more monsters to gain the remaining 50G. Even if all my magic were depleted. Even if my healing potions were low on supply. Even if my characters were practically dying. If there’s a better than 50% chance I’ll survive another battle, I’d do it.

If a night’s stay at an inn costs 150G, and my characters are like 70% healthy, I’d skip the inn. Even if I hadn’t rested for like 4 virtual days.

Sometimes, I’d go into an item store and buy 20 herbs (replenish stock), 30 antidotes (next boss specialises in poison attacks), 20 ice crystals (next area monsters vulnerable to cold) and a dozen odds and ends. Then I left the store with zero money. Every single gold piece I had was used up. No savings, no bank, no backup.

Then I’d realise my characters weren’t fully rested. It would be a waste of herbs and potions to restore them to full health. Better to rest at an inn. Oh right, no money. Off to slaughter a few more monsters and earn just enough gold to rest at the inn. Then off to the next adventure.

I would hoard money obsessively to buy some high priced weapon while in virtual mortal danger. I would also spend everything to buy and restock items, to the point of ignoring virtual personal safety. I just don’t handle money in RPGs the way I do in the real world.

There’s no real point I’m trying to make. Just wanted to write about this observation…

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