Podcast: Why programmers write stupid code

Need I tell you, again, how my first recording failed abysmally? Probably not. And here I am, doing another audio recording. Plus the fact that I got a new headset and I want to play with it.

To be honest, I learned a few things. I speak quite fast normally, and when my speech gets into recorded form, my words just slurred together. I just think faster than I can write or speak.

Be clear. That was main goal this time. So I spoke slower and slightly louder. I did some post production work and here it is:

Download mp3 [~ 2:40 minutes ~ 1.22 MB]

Noticed that I haven’t said anything about the subject at hand. Well, here’s a synopsis of the recording.

  • Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie
  • Courting danger in racing simulations
  • Why programmers write stupid code

You’ll have to listen to the recording to find out how all 3 points fit together. For the impatient ones out there who just wants to know the final answer, here’s a hint: First word of first four paragraphs.