Market of artists and designers

Also known as MAAD. It’s held at the Red Dot Design Museum (in Singapore) every first weekend (Saturday and Sunday) of the month. My friends brought me to this place, and it’s amazing!

Hand-painted shoes, intricately sewn clothes and detailed design in jewellery. What caught my eye was the stall on origami. The artist’s specialty is in flowers. They’re beautiful! Stand a few metres away, and they look like real flowers. I’m not sure if I could just take pictures of them though. The artist’s name is Kelvin Atmadibrata (origami artist).

Kelvin Atmadibrata name card

That’s the name card. Yeah, my phone camera sucks…

Further into the museum, was this awesome sight. About 20 or so artists sat resolutely in front of a model. Every one of them was either sketching, or inking, or water colouring. You can get a portrait of yourself after modelling for 10 minutes. If you like any of the paintings or drawings, you may purchase it at 8 Singapore dollars. You are of course welcome to buy all of them, each at that price.

Here’s one I particularly like. I don’t know the model’s name, and from the signature, I think the artist was Felis.

Unnamed by Felis?