Are we becoming simpler?

Genki Takiuchi is worried about the consequences if CAPTCHAs are broken.

Our activities on the Internet is [sic] too simple to recognize ourselves as human beings. There are only click, click, click many clicks and sometimes typings. Needless to say about clicks, nowadays, even typings are easy to be imitated [sic] by using algorithms of a sort of Markov-chain.

The Markov chain algorithm mentioned refers to a process where a word is looked up in a database of words. The next word following this current word is determined by probabilities based on the language used (the common one being English). And so on and so forth, until a complete sentence is formed, which may not make sense to a human, but computers can’t really tell the difference. Then again, lorem ipsum‘s don’t make much sense too…

Imagine the irony of creating artificial intelligence complex enough to pass the Turing test, yet we are simplifying our behaviour to the point where we’re indistinguishable from infant bots.

What exactly happens during the clicking and flitting from site to site? It appears to be something commonly attributed to (though not confined to) an age group known as Generation Y (born roughly between 1980 to 1994). If you belong to this group, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

Because Takiuchi is concerned. So am I.