Featured demo – Panic Room

Today’s featured demo is Panic Room by Fairlight. It’s about 4 minutes in length and 151 KB in download size.

If you don’t see the video in your feed reader, please click through to the post.

First, some warnings. The demo executable requires a fairly capable computer with great graphics card. Watching it in video form is recommended. I had to use a low resolution setting in windowed mode so I could watch it run on my computer. After starting the demo, it takes a while to do precalculation work, so just wait a bit.

The one thing that caught my eye was how realistic the water was when it flowed through the wall cracks near the beginning of the demo. You could see the columns of water expanding and contracting, mimicking how a real-life water column would ebb and flow in volume.

And the water ripples! That’s just awesome. Remember, all this is calculated and rendered in real-time.

The explosions and the smoke trails of the aeroplanes are done with particles. Search for “particle systems” for more information.

So, enjoy the demo!