Trapped aeroplane video

This is my first video production, a demo of a trapped paper aeroplane (hosted by Vimeo). Yay! It’s a demo of an SDL (Simple DirectMedia Layer)/OpenGL project I made as a result of a university programming assignment.

The original assignment was in wireframe and in black and white (no colours). I added textures and a revolving sky background for colour. Besides, the explosion effect looks cooler with a fiery texture. Oh, I didn’t mention the explosion effect? *smile*

Unfortunately, I lost the source code. Aarrrgghhh…

Anyway, here’s where you can download the demo. Download Trapped Aeroplane [ZIP file, 380 KB]. Maybe I’ll rewrite it… XNA and C#? We’ll see. Have fun!

  1. Vincent Tan

    Hey thanks DK! SMB3 was fun. Glad I could put a name to the mysterious, somewhat familiar face… 🙂

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