Featured demo – Lifeforce

Today’s featured demo is Lifeforce, by Andromeda Software Development (ASD). It’s about 24.6 MB in size and 9 minutes in length (trust me, it’s worth watching). Download page at Pouet.

This demo was also featured in the demo reel presented at NVISION 2008 (the last parts).

Some highlights:

Notice the rendered lines that form picture frames at about t = 1:00. How would you go about animating them?

The mural of scribes about t = 4:15. If I’m correct, the effect is done with bump mapping. What you see is modelled as a flat surface. Bump mapping is used to create the illusion that there are carvings and protrusions. You can see the flat edge of the mural when it flipped over to the other side at about t = 4:44.

The music starts to pick up at about t = 5:30, the bathroom scene. This is actually my favourite part of the music. The tempo is quicker. It’s sort of repetitive yet still interesting to the ear. Maybe it’s just me… *smile*

This is the part where the demo is portraying the coming of the end of life. It’s like trying to grasp at something, anything to hold on to this life. The quickening beat has done what ASD wanted:

create a feeling of anxiety before the revelation of the last scene

There’s a shadow of a man reaching upwards with his hands at about t = 5:55. Notice the faint shadow of that shadow of the man cast on the walls at about 6:00.

Now for some trivia. There are 3 instances of a pachyderm in the demo (where are they?). The city landscape background is used thrice (where?).

And there is a model of a shark skeleton at the beginning of the demo. The shark model is like a trademark of ASD. Didn’t see it? Go watch the demo again carefully. Powers of observation, people!

Read the readme file in the downloaded demo for the back story of the demo. It’s awesome.