Here come weaker viruses

A particular hosting company, McColo, was taken down some time ago. While there are reports of decreased amount of spam, as experienced by Terry Zink, I remain wary.

For around the same period of time, I experienced an increase in spam at this blog.

Granted, Zink was referring to mail spam. I just have a theory. Based on my research in epidemiology, when a major virus gets wiped out, the weaker viruses start to fill in the gap. Nature abhors a vacuum.

For all we know, the major virus was keeping the weaker viruses at bay. Once we hit some kind of equilibrium, we sort of coexist with the major virus, despite our distaste for it. We establish methods for dealing with that virus. We maintain some sort of control.

Once that major virus was taken out (say, the hosting company hosting its operations), a void was left. And if we weren’t prepared for the weaker viruses (because we’re so focused on that one virus), we’ll be in trouble.

The above was a bit of a generalisation. I’m not deliberately being pessimistic. I’m just saying something will happen. Hopefully, that something is us warriors of light taking advantage of the situation.