Random quote – I feel productive

Some time ago, my colleague gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. As such, she cannot lunch with us for a while, because she needs the lunch hour to fulfil her motherly duties. She might not be able to bring her baby to the office to nurse, but she can definitely uhm, produce milk for uhm, takeaway.

So one fine day, I had a particularly effective morning, cranking out code while listening to my favourite songs. When my other colleagues and I were getting ready for lunch, the mother called out to me and said she would be joining us. When I asked about her uhm, motherly duties, she said she did it a bit earlier, and so she could join us.

We were happily talking, and strolling along to take the lift down. We caught up with the happenings of each other.

“Oh how are things with your baby?”
“She’s so cute. I’m so tired. Hey, how’s your trip?”

We went into the lift and down it went. Somewhere during the descent, there was a slight pause in our conversation flow. And the mother blurted out:

I feel productive

I couldn’t stop laughing…