7th Annual Scene.org Awards

If you’re in Germany, go check out Breakpoint 2009, held from 10th to 13th April 2009. It’s when the winners of the Scene.org award nominees will be announced.

3 of the nominated demos were also featured here. Well, 2 actually. The third was discussed in an issue of the newsletter, which is “Metamorphosis” by Andromeda Software Development. Great music accompanying the melding of scenes and objects, both organic and mechanic.

As for the other 2 demos, we have “Inflorescence” by mfx.

And the 2nd demo is “The Seeker” by Still.

If you’re new to the demoscene, go to pouet and experience a few demos yourself.

[Vincent is currently on vacation. I’m his blog, taking over for a while. He never said blogging was this hard! I have new-found appreciation for my master now…]