Carcerian Stones – The Surprise Slip

We’re continuing the D&D adventure story. Previously, our adventurers evaded a large pack of wolves, rested at an abbey, and all had the same dream. We have Ryan the human DM, Dan playing Toth the goliath warden, James playing Heoriss the eladrin invoker, Ian playing Iofae the eladrin sorcerer, and Klenn playing Phileas the half-elf bard. And now…


Ryan: All of you wake up in the morning, all having had the same dream. A monk led each of you to a small dining room to break fast.
Ian: So we know that we all had the same dream?
Ryan: Well, the dream is a strange one. Wouldn’t one of you be likely to talk about it?
James: So who do you think the man in blue robes is?
Ryan: *cough*
James: Oh. Right.

“So who do you think the man in blue robes is?” asked Heoriss.
“Who cares! My master was killed. I have to go back to the cottage.” grunted Toth.
“And we should tell our father about what happened.” said Iofae.

James: Wait, we have a father!?
Ian: Didn’t you read the background story Ryan gave us?
James: Sorry…

“I shall accompany you. We can proceed to Havenswerd after all the necessary affairs had been taken care off.” said Phileas with a musical lilt.

Dan: I can practically hear the thee’s and thou’s spilling out of your mouth…
Klenn: *smile*
Ryan: It is at this point that I have to give you these. *hands out a slip of paper to each of them* Note that you can tell the others as much, or as little about the information as you want.
Dan: *reading his slip* Now you tell me there’s cool stuff at the cottage…
James and Ian: We’re the babies in the dream?!?!
Klenn: Aw man, this is tough… you’re giving me a hard part to play…

Dan: Ok, it’s decided. We’ll go back to the cottage, then to the village to say good bye to the twin’s father. Then we proceed to that big town.
Ian: It’s Havenswerd.
Dan: Whatever. Do we get any treasures yet? I wanna buy stuff. Wait, will there be battles back to the cottage and the village?
Ryan: *shrugs* Who knows? It’s broad daylight though. You might wanna hurry before night falls…

The party bids farewell to the monks. That is, Phileas bids farewell on behalf of the party. Then all of them left for Mathea’s cottage. Travelling on the road made the journey easier and faster. When they arrived at the wrecked cottage, they found…

Dan: Cool! A magic axe! Anything else?
Ryan: I’m trying to pace the adventure… Aren’t you supposed to be crying over the loss of your master or something?

At the village, the twins found their father and told him about the night’s adventure. For some reason, the old eladrin wasn’t surprised. He told them of the strange evening some 20 years ago when 2 monks appeared with both of them at his door. The eladrin went to his room and gave them…

James: Money! We’ll split between the 2 of us *gesturing to Ian*
Dan: Hey no fair!
Ian: You got a magic item. Besides, I think Ryan has more planned for all of us. We just have to fight a bunch more wolves and skeletons to get them. You’re awfully quiet. *looking at Klenn*
Klenn: This *waving his slip* is giving me problems.
Ian: What does it say?
Klenn: You’ll find out soon. I’m preparing the backstory for it now.
Ian: Secrets? Well, I’ve got something from the slip that’s secret too.
James: Mine says that blue dude is Corellon. And that’s where my powers come from.
Ryan: Aaannnd it’s about late afternoon. What do you want to do now?

The party ran like heck (their words) towards the abbey. They asked for the hospitality of the monks again. Iofae asked the head monk if they knew of the babies sent to the village Jorv. The head monk nodded, “That’s all I know. My god tells me just what I needed. You’ll have to find out more yourself.”.

“My condolences to you for the loss of Mathea. He was a good man.” said the head monk.
“Do you know anything about the creature that attacked him?” asked Toth.
“From your description, I can only say it’s a foul beast, probably from another realm. I’ve never known anything like it. Perhaps Arofell can tell you more.”
“Where can I find this Arofell fella?”
“Havenswerd, at the Wizards Guild.”

Dan: Alright, people, we’re going to Havenswerd.
James: First thing in the morning. I’m not going out there with wolves prowling in the night.

The next morning, the party left for Havenswerd. This time, all of them thanked the monks for their hospitality. The skies were blue, the air was fresh, and no hint of danger exists. Soon, they arrived at the gates of Havenswerd.

Klenn: Uh, guys…

“I have something I need to tell you.” said Phileas. “I’m sort of a criminal in Havenswerd.”

James: What?!?
Dan: Seriously?

“It’s a bit of a misunderstanding, of course. I was performing at a tavern, and after my performance, I went back to my room, and lo and behold, there was a dead man on the floor!”

“It was also most unfortunate that the tavern keeper came up to ask if I needed anything. And she saw the unmoving person lying down, a bloody patch on the white of his shirt.”

“It was also most unfortunate that the dead man was the son of a wealthy merchant prince in the city.”

Ian: Your slip of paper has so many details?
Klenn: I made them up. I was only told I was accused of something, and I’m free to decide whether I was rightfully or wrongfully accused. I’m innocent of course *smile*. I was also told I’m free to come up with whatever accusations and circumstances that led to the situation.
Ryan: That was beyond whatever I could imagine. I was thinking maybe some minor theft or something.

“Now what do we do? Do you know the murderer?” asked Toth.

“No. And I intend to find out. I fled the scene, after the good lady screamed bloody ‘Murderer! Murderer!’ all the way down to the tavern common place. I heard shouting from below, and knew I didn’t have much time. I leapt out of the window, jumped down onto the pavement, and ran. I heard footsteps behind me and increased my pace.”

“Just when I was running out of alleys to duck into, a tall man dressed in blue robes, beckoned me in his direction. He didn’t have any weapons on him, and seemed harmless. He pointed behind him and just said, ‘That way! There’s a rope ladder and you can climb it to get over the wall and out of the city. Quick!'”

“I gave my pursuers the slip and escaped. And I decided to find some place quiet. And journeyed to Jorv. And now, I’m back.”

Dan: Stop grinning, Ryan.
Ian: That was amazing.
James: Now what?

“I never found out who that man in blue robes was. But from our dreams, I’m guessing they’re the same person. That happened a few nights ago. I’d like to ask you to help me get my belongings back from the tavern, and perhaps gain some clues to the mystery. I have a friend in Havenswerd that I trust. I will stay at his place.”

Dan: Ok, I’ll go shopping. You two *pointing at the twins* help our bard here get his stuff back. And you *pointing at Klenn*, … *laugh*

to be continued…

P.S. Corellon is the god of magic, music and the arts in Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition.

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