Carcerian Stones – Wands of chrome

We’re continuing the D&D adventure story. Previously, our adventurers defeated some giant ants, was nearly skewered by a javelin trap, and successfully retrieved an ancient tome. We have Ryan the human DM, Dan playing Toth the goliath warden, James playing Heoriss the eladrin invoker, Ian playing Iofae the eladrin sorcerer, and Klenn playing Phileas the half-elf bard. And now…


Dan: “offer a drop of sacrifice”…
Ian: Does it mean blood?
James: Alright, use mine. All of you were injured badly. I barely got nicked.

Heoriss borrowed Phileas’ dagger and made a small cut on his palm. He returned the dagger and…

James: What do I do? Put my hand on the wall?

placed his bloody hand on the wall.

Ryan: Ok everyone, roll Perception for me.

“Something glowed in your hand.” said Iofae.
“What?” Heoriss held up his hands. And saw the crystal-clear compass now tinged with red.
“Does it hurt?”

“Guys, something’s happening…” Phileas called out.

The wall started to slide to the left, revealing a long dark passageway, a torch burning warmly at the end. A faint outline of a black canine stood under the torch, and then loped to the left and disappeared.

“The shadow wolf!” cried Toth, and he gave chase.
“Wait!” Phileas called.

The rest of the party ran after Toth and the wall shut behind them. Iofae held out his still glowing sunrod and lit the passageway. It was narrow, barely able to fit 2 people standing shoulder to shoulder. And the air was musty.

Heoriss banged on the wall behind them, trying to find a way to open it. Phileas chased after Toth, reaching him just at the torch at the end of the passage. The walls were cold to the touch of Iofae’s hands as he examined the stone patterns under the light of the sunrod.

“Hey, there’s some writing here!” Phileas pointed to under the torch.

“If you want to go home, just strike a wand of chrome” it said. And on the right wall, there was an opening, with a stack of silvery sticks.

Dan: That sounds lame.
Ryan: I know. But do you want to go home or not? *grin*

“Let’s see what this does” said Phileas. And he struck a wand of chrome against the wall. And then he vanished.
“Where did he go?” Heoriss looked around.

They heard some noises from the other side of the wall that trapped them.

“I’m outside!” they heard the muffled cry of Phileas. So all of them went to get a wand and teleport out to join their bard friend.

Klenn: So that’s how it works.
Ian: So do we want to continue? Or do we return the tome first?
James: Maybe we should return the tome, and get some rest. That passage doesn’t look very friendly to me.
Dan: Sounds good to me. Hey can we sell these wands?
Ryan: Oh, they’re gone. Once used, they disappear back into that wall crevice.
Dan: Darn…

The party returned to Havenswerd and gave the ancient tome to Arofell. The happy wizard ran his fingers over the old pages as he flipped gently.

“Uh, Mr Arofell?” Phileas asked.
“Hmm, yes?”
“About this dagger…” Phileas took out the murder weapon.
“Oh, I suppose I owe you some answers. Let me take a look at that.” He turned the dagger around, and stared at the strange rune on the hilt. “That’s the symbol of an artistic group called ‘Songs of Grace’. They’re quite popular in Havenswerd.”

“Wait. Are you telling me I’m framed by a bunch of musicians?”
“Perhaps your bardic performances were getting on their nerves…”
“But murder?!?”

“Ok, so can you tell us anything about the black wolf?” Toth ignored Phileas’ indignant cries.
“Oh, that. Vand told me about it. The history records only told of a foul wolf-like creature prowling some 2 decades ago. For a few years, strange stories of people mysteriously vanishing abound, and there were sightings of the beast at night, particularly during full moons. Then the beast simply disappeared.”

“About the Jorv babies?” Heoriss inquired.
“I only know the beast appeared at the same time as when a pair of twins were delivered to Jorv from the abbey.” The wizard’s eyes widened. “Are you…”

Heoriss and Iofae eyed each other. “Perhaps…”

“There was a secret tunnel in the room where we found your tome.” Phileas asked, having recovered from his anger. “Do you know anything about that?”
“No.” Arofell furrowed his eyebrows. “This tome was written in a set of 3. Perhaps the other 2 are also found in the cave. Can you venture further in, chart the dungeon, and search for the other 2 tomes?”

Dan: Alright, we’re going back in.
James: One more thing…

“Do you know what this is?” Heoriss showed the compass to Arofell.
“That allows the wielder to move freely around the battlefield. It actually relies on the wielder’s blood. The more the wielder is injured, the more times it can be used. That’s actually a lost artifact. You found it in the cave?”

A cry sounded from outside Arofell’s room. Phileas ran towards the door, opened it and looked out. He saw a flurry of wizard’s robes disappearing up the stairs.

Ian: Questin!
Klenn: He was eavesdropping!

to be continued…


P.S. I created that compass as a custom magic item. I call it, the “Compass of Retributive Teleportation”. For every point of health lost by the wielder, the compass gains a point stored, up to a maximum of 100 points. The wielder can use the stored points, deducting points equal to his healing surge value, and he can teleport a number of squares equal to his speed as a minor action. Oh, and it serves as a compass. *smile*

It might take too long for me to explain those terms if you’re not a D&D player. Do some research if you’re curious. Perhaps I’ll find a way to explain them over the future story posts. And if you are a D&D player, you have my permission to use that in your game.