Dramatising the Three Beacons of Twilight

In my ongoing quest to expand my repertoire of skills as a polymath, I have embarked on acting. Specifically, role playing. It takes a bucketload of courage to speak, for I am used to conveying words through my fingers to the screen, not from my mouth to my audience’s ears.

It’s even harder role playing a fictional character.

So I’ve resolved to include some roleplaying, some acting, some short speeches, that kind of stuff into my regular D&D gaming sessions. I want to see D&D as more than just dice rolls and statistics. The experience will also help, you know, in case I get invited on television or do videos *cough cough*.

There is this power that’s really awesome. It’s called “Three Beacons of Twilight”, a level 15 Invoker power. The flavour text reads, “In the darkest days of the war against the primordials, the gods used…” oh who cares about the flavour text? It does a fair amount of damage, and creates a zone that allows me to teleport people willy-nilly.

Fighting the elder blue dragon
My invoker’s the nearest to the top. The little hand-thingy represents the origin square of my Three Beacons of Twilight. Just in case you’re wondering, that’s the bad-ass elder blue dragon we’re fighting. We’ve got props too. The silver ring means it’s cursed by the warlock. The gold ring means it’s marked by the paladin. And the red ring? Means it’s half way dead (thank goodness!).

I sort of imagined the three beacons as stars in the sky. So during this last encounter for the day, I decided it was an appropriate move, and I launched fully into my dramatic pose and dramatic voice.

I call upon the Three Beacons of Twilight, named Waffles, Tea, and Fudgecake. I invoke their power word pronounced “WUHTUHF”, which is an acronym formed from their initials. Or WTF for short. WTF!!

My DM nearly fell off his chair laughing. I got a few smiles from my comrades-at-arms too. Success!

Then I rolled my d20 to determine if I hit.

And I rolled a 1.

My DM laughed even harder.

After the dramatic performance I put up, I failed to hit abysmally. Like I said before, I can’t roll to save my own life