A Polymath Programmer survey, because I can’t read minds

The stars have informed me that (closes eyes and places fingers of right hand on forehead), unbeknownst to my inattentive mind, Polymath Programmer had gained quite a few new readers over the past few months. … Alright, fine, the stars had nothing to do with it. I was looking through some of my web stats and analytics information.

So if you’re a new reader, welcome! As a short introduction, you will find articles on math, programming and other (hopefully intellectual) points of interests here. A few articles you might be interested in:

If you’re a long time reader, I’m *sniff* very thankful for your support. *single tear* You’ve been an invisible strength to me during those lonely hours of coding, research and writing.

Now for the main crux. I’m conducting a survey. Even though I can solve programming errors by simply being near them, I can’t read minds. I’m still working on that…

All I ask is your name and email address, and to answer 3 questions. That’s it. All 5 parts are optional, so you don’t have to fill it if you don’t want to (it’ll be nice if you do though).

[UPDATE: Your name and email address is used only for the survey. They are kept confidential, and are not shared with nor sold to anyone. I just want to thank you personally for helping with the survey, that’s all. The survey is intended to let me know more about you, so I can write articles better suited to your interests. Polymathy may encompass many subjects, but it’s easier to start somewhere.]

And here’s the survey link:


I’m using the service from Survey Monkey. I also notice that their web pages are .aspx. Yay ASP.NET! Ok, that was random…