Unwrapping flowers

Kyle McDonald and Golan Levin used some magic software on images of some unsuspecting flowers. They sliced a flower from the centre to its petals. Then grabbing the cut ends, they bunched the petals together and then dragged them out like playing an accordion.

Basically, they were doing some polar and Cartesian conversion on the images. I can’t show you their images, but you can go look at them at their article.

But wait a minute, I also realised I did something similar… it involved converting fisheye images

So I copied my own code (I don’t have that conversion code anywhere on my computer but my blog. Oh the weirdness…), and cast my own brand of magic on this unsuspecting jasmine here:
[original image by Thai Jasmine]

And I got this result:
Jasmine unwrapped

I think the unwrapping done by Golan and Kyle looks better.