Conic Space-Time

I received an email from Parker Emmerson. He’s a mathematician, and he’s solved the innate velocity within the Lorentz transformation. And he’s asked me if I was interested in working on a project with him.

Now, I’m flattered by this. I also want to say I’m not really that smart (I had to look up “Lorentz transformation”…). You, on the other hand, are smarter than me. So here’s the document he sent me: The Geometric Pattern of Perception Theorems. I haven’t done academic math in a while. That’s a lot of equations to digest for me…

So here are the few projects he has in mind for collaboration:

  • Write the paper in Latex for co-author credit while making it look and feel more official by including outside sources about relativity.
  • Figure out why the equation will solve at all. To me, it looks like it shouldn’t solve.
  • Write a computer program using the formulae that has some external application beyond making a graph. For instance, the system of a circle transforming through a cone is similar to complex analysis, and I have already done work connecting the two frameworks. We use complex analysis for video games.
  • What is the relationship to black holes?
  • The algebraic structure of the height of the cone necessitates acceleration. How can we relate this to the acceleration of galaxies?

Just reading through those project descriptions, being a mathematician, a physicist (black holes!), a programmer seems helpful.

If you’re interested, please contact Parker. For security, I’m not listing his email address here, but you can find him at his site (his email’s listed there). Or you can leave a comment here or contact me, and I’ll introduce you to him.

Personally, I think that’s awesome. It’s a pity I’m not that smart. So help Parker if you can. Help science forge a new frontier.

To infinity and beyond!