Be part of Singularity magazine

Have you ever wanted to shoot photos for a magazine? Write articles as a columnist? Report events and cover exciting stories? Well, here’s your chance. I’m looking for passionate people who want to share some of their awesomeness.

While I cannot pay you (Singularity magazine is free of charge), your work will be seen by MILLIONS and MILLIONS of people! Ok, it’s more on the scale of hundreds of people. But your work is immortalised online, for all eternity. Or at least until the server crashes and all my backups disappeared at the same time.

Here’s a list of what you might want to do to contribute (by no means exhaustive):

  • Submit your interesting photos, be they of people (make sure you have the subject person’s permission) or of events or of still life (Cover photographer!)
  • Display some of your art, be it digital or illustrative. And I want to interview you.
  • Show your craft work. Tell me how you did it. Photos recommended.
  • Showcase some of your literary work
  • Share your scientific thesis (will be non-exclusive to the magazine). Maths, chemistry or astrophysbiology are welcome
  • Cover an event and submit a write-up on it (Reporter of the year award!)

Basically, I’m looking for photographers, artists, scientists, reporters, and writers. I’m doing this because my keen spider senses are telling me that you have something interesting to share, but you don’t really have a platform to share it on. Your own blog? Too tedious to upkeep. Your own Flickr account to show photos? Nah, you only occasionally take photos. Facebook and Twitter? Ok, but you want more than just your friends to know that awesome thing you just created/shared.

In an online magazine, your work is immortalised in a PDF file. Sure, a URL link is easy to share, but the contents of that page can be easily changed. Ok, fine, I can probably change the contents of the magazine and upload it. But what of those copies already downloaded? Like I said, your work is immortalised.

And you don’t have to be a regular contributor if you don’t want to. In fact, ad-hoc submissions are fine. I just need to know if you’re submitting something for the next issue (at a reasonably early point in time of the month).

As of now, if you want to submit something for the next issue, the deadline for telling me is the 15th of the month. For example, if you tell me before 15 August that you are going to cover some interesting event in August, and you’ll take a couple of pictures as well, then I’d be able to include that in the September issue. The actual deadline for the submitted material itself is the 25th of the month. This gives me some leeway to prepare for the launch of the next issue.

Buuuttt that’s really boring stuff. And I don’t really have the timeline that rigid. Contact me, tell me what you have in mind, and we’ll work something out.