Celebrate Individual Day

August 9 is the Singapore National Day, and this year will be Singapore’s 45th birthday. 45 years since Singapore became an independent country.

Your country’s birthday is significant, yet a country is nothing without its people. Particularly for Singapore, since we’re such a small country with few natural resources.

So I want you to also celebrate Individual Day. Celebrate who you are. No, not just on your birthday. Every day.

Be who you are. Don’t be pushed into society’s mould of who you should be. Create your own mould.

Nations are founded on creative and hardworking people. Don’t just become a hardworking person trying to fit in, or being fitted in. Be yourself. Your individuality and creativity is needed.

And happy birthday, Singapore.

P.S. Singapore is also hosting the Youth Olympic Games 2010, held from 14 August to 26 August 2010.