Tech65 Party and PHEMAS live cutting

So last month, I attended 2 events. The first was a party held by Tech65 to thank their friends and supporters. The second was a PHEMAS live cutting event. PHEMAS stands for Pan Historical European Martial Arts Society.

So what happened at the Tech65 party? There’s beer.

Iguana lager

and the place was packed.

Tech65 party

I remember at the party, when people asked me what I do, and I’m thinking “It’s complicated“, and I’m at a loss for words. Which was ironic, because eventually I decided to reply “self-employed writer”. What kind of writer is at a loss for words? Don’t know…

And when they find out I blog, the logical question would be, what’s the blog about? Hah! Maths and programming and other weird stuff. That oughta show’em. And show’d’em I did. I’m used to the split second motionless shock that registers on people’s faces by now. And these were people from public relations, social media and some technological fans. I didn’t expect anything less than a 2 second jaw-dropping gape.

What’s live cutting then? Real sharp swords are used to cut stuff. In this case, it was innocent plastic bottles.

Live cutting

And here’s Greg the instructor in full battle armour.

Greg in full armour

My only regret was that I should’ve thought of taking a picture of myself holding a sword.

For more pictures, download the September issue of Singularity (free PDF).