Epic rabbit cuteness contest

This is just a fun contest I’m holding. A couple of days ago marked the start of the Year of the Rabbit for Chinese New Year. So I want you to vote on which rabbit is the cutest. Here are the contestants:

Contestant #1

Rabbit contestant 1
[original image]

Contestant #2

Rabbit contestant 2
[original image]

Contestant #3

Rabbit contestant 3
[original image]

Contestant #4

Rabbit contestant 4
[original image]

How to vote

You can:

  • Email me
  • Vote on Twitter using the hashtag #epiccuterabbits
  • Comment below

Results will be tabulated and released in the March 2011 issue of Singularity. I’ll also write a short post here to announce the results. No personally identifiable data will be released. If you’re really shy, you can comment anonymously (for this post, I’ll accept non-obviously-spammy-looking comments that are legitimate “vote” comments)

I don’t have any cool prizes to give away (do I hear future sponsorship?), but aren’t those rabbits cute? Do it for the rabbits.