How to self-publish a magazine

When I was starting out trying to get email subscribers to my magazine, I wrote a small ebook to give away as an incentive to subscribe. I’ve decided to just give it away for free. It’s called “How to self-publish an online magazine – Parry publishing pitfalls on a bread-and-butter budget”.

Download it for free (about 900 KB)

I just reread my own ebook. I found this particularly funny:

What do you mean you don’t know if there’s a next issue? Of course there’s a next issue.

You’d be amazed at how few online magazines are out there. Just so you know, I found a magazine that only had 1 article. It documented a party event, and was hosted online, so it’s all on one web page. But if packaged into a PDF, I’d say it’s about 5 pages at most. Can you write a 5-page magazine? Doesn’t seem so daunting, right?

The ebook was intentionally spartanly designed. I want the reader to start a magazine without being fearful of design issues. I’m not a designer, I make do with whatever skills and tools I have, and I do just fine.

For the April issue of Singularity, I’ve got an interview with Thom Chambers, a publisher of another magazine called In Treehouses. Stay tuned.