Programming guide update

So. Quick update.

I’ve finished writing a bunch of code for my Open XML guide to create spreadsheets. They include:

  • Inserting comments
  • Using formulas
  • Setting header/footer options
  • Setting page setup options
  • Creating multiple worksheets
  • Freezing/Splitting panes
  • Using and styling tables (but not pivot tables)
  • How to write the cells if you have multiple sets of tabular data

The last one was a problem that a customer faced. Let’s say you have 2 sets of tabular data, and they’re side by side in the worksheet. Using Open XML SDK, you have to run through the 1st row of the 1st set of data, then the 1st row of the 2nd set of data. You can’t completely iterate over the 1st set of data first. This is because with Open XML SDK, you have to completely define the first row to be inserted into the worksheet. That will include the 1st row of the 2nd set of data.

So I’m (feverishly) typing the explanation part of the guide (the code is all done and tested). I’m telling you now because when I release this update, I’m going to increase the price. I calculated that with the amount of work done on writing the code and the explanation, and that I currently offer a 1-year free technical support together with the guide, I’m severely undercharging. Besides, the number of hours saved studying the guide versus learning from scratch is worth the price increase.

Since I currently give customers a free update within one year of purchase, you might want to get the guide now before the price goes up. Then you’ll get the current guide and do awesome stuff with it right now, and when I release the updated guide, you get it at no extra cost.

Depending on how fast I type (and how many cups of tea I imbibe), I might release the update in a week’s time or two. I don’t really have a deadline. But the latest release date will be around mid-May (because I’ll have to work on my magazine by then. But I digress…). But it might be sooner, because I want to get this off my todo list so I can work on something else.