Reason to get job

There are many reasons to get a job.

  • The economy’s tough. Both parents have to work at a job. You might have to temporarily suspend your side business.
  • You like the steady paycheck (although what’s considered “steady” is iffy nowadays…)
  • You like the work you’ll be doing (always a good thing).
  • You support the company or organisation that you’ll be working at.
  • You get to learn something at the job which might take you longer to learn, or you might never get to learn otherwise.
  • You like working around your peers (this depends on the job. Graveyard shifts don’t give you this).
  • You like the opportunities provided.
  • You like the equipment provided.

But I don’t think your child calling your maid “mummy” is a good reason.

That’s an advertisement.

For context, in Singapore (among the Chinese anyway), it’s sort of a status symbol to be able to afford a maid. This is equivalent to hiring butlers or housekeepers by affluent families. A maid is usually hired when a couple has a baby or young child (or more children).