Food skimming app that failed

My business failed a few years ago. (It is raining and thunder is rolling as I’m writing this, which is ominous and eerily fitting at the same time)

My business partners were not helpful. I did most of the work and they expected to reap the benefits. And that’s all I’m going to say about that.

Anyway, it was an app/software that we would try to sell to food sellers. Anything from mom-and-pop cafes to restaurants. What it does is list the available food items. Features include picture of the food item, the price, nutritional information.

I pointed out to my business partners that while the app helped the customers, it didn’t do much for the food business owners. In fact, it would probably add more work load to them.

The most glaring omission is the ability to integrate with their payment systems. And boy that was a big one. But my business partners apparently thought that was a small issue.

The ideal app had to coordinate things like, allowing the customer to order, have the order sent to the kitchen, and process payment. And the app couldn’t do any of that. Which makes the app kind of pointless.

I struggled with keeping the development up for about a year. Without sufficient help from my business partners, I couldn’t keep it going anymore, financially and creatively. So I shut the company down (and even that was a rollercoaster of a ride)

I’ve written a little of my company’s product before, but I thought maybe I’d talk a little bit more about it. If only to bring closure.

So I bought a domain for it. I had to think up a name for it (I came up with FoodSkim. I know it’s not creative or hip but I was out of juice back then). But I had to eventually let them disappear into the past. What’s sad is I’m probably the only one who will remember them.

So when I see the new apps and services catering to food businesses, I have to wonder what would have happened had I actually managed to pull it off. I mean there’s GrabFood, FoodPanda and a whole host of other food delivery service apps. There are also many software services that do digital ordering of food, either for delivery or within the restaurant or cafe itself (one of them is Waitr app I think).

It was a painful experience, but also an enlightening one. I’m just not sure of the man I have become since then.