SpreadsheetLight version 3.5

So I finally got SpreadsheetLight onto the .NET Standard/Core train. Get yours here.

The reason it took me so long is that I was still recovering from personal and business stuff. And when I saw I needed to set up Visual Studio 2019 (2017 back then), and I had to check if my code was compatible with .NET Standard/Core, that was too much…

Another reason was whether I should still depend on the Open XML SDK DLL, or just bite the bullet and depend solely on the official Microsoft DocumentFormat.OpenXml Nuget package.

In the end, based on emails sent to me, and observation of general software development trends, I just went ahead and depend on Nuget packages. Because the urgency and cost of me continuing to stall was just too great.

The main code incompatibility, so to speak, has to do with the absence of System.Drawing in the .NET Standard framework. SpreadsheetLight uses the Drawing assembly to check text widths and heights for the purposes of autofitting columns and rows. I didn’t want to have to find an alternative method…

Until I found that Microsoft has an official Nuget package System.Drawing.Common which mimics (or is exactly?) the System.Drawing but in .NET Standard/Core form. Woobdeedoo!

Yes, I’m like 2 years too late. I might possibly have lost developers who jumped ship and used other libraries. I have emails of developers/users asking for a .NET Standard/Core version, which means they are kind of forced to keep their applications running on .NET Framework 4 because of me (probably high opinion of myself, but a sense of self-importance drove me to action, so maybe it’s not that bad if it’s not publicly known. Oh wait, I just told you…)

So get a copy of the latest and greatest version of SpreadsheetLight and I’ll talk to you another time.