Control points of cubic Bezier curve

Calculating control points of cubic Bezier curve, given the 2 end points and 2 points on the curve. (C code)
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Computer virus behaviour

Thesis paper on computer virus behaviour (warning: it’s written in 2001/2002)
Download thesis paper (PDF).
There’s accompanying source code for the simulation program, and the PowerPoint presentation used at the thesis defense.
Download the whole project.

Colour chart

Colour chart generated from named colours in .NET Framework
View chart. Download source code.

Particles demo

Particles demo program. As seen on NeHe productions.
Download now. Music used in the video is by Ben Barden.

Trigonometric Particles from Vincent Tan on Vimeo.

Trapped aeroplane

Trapped aeroplane (born from a computer graphics class)
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Trapped Aeroplane from Vincent Tan on Vimeo.

P3 newsletter archive

Archives of a previously published newsletter, Polymath Programmer Publication (or P3)
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Spreadsheet Open XML From Scratch

Create Microsoft Excel spreadsheets in C#/VB.NET with Open XML SDK. You can get the programming guide right here.