SoxDecompiler is a software program that decompiles your Open XML spreadsheets into source code, in both C# and VB.NET flavours. To show you how it compares, here’s an example Excel spreadsheet (DecompilerTest.xlsx).

And here’s the source code in C#, and the source code in VB.NET.

For comparison, here’s the source code generated by the Open XML SDK Productivity Tool.

SoxDecompiler has 2 aims:

  • To generate more readable source code
  • To help VB.NET programmers get into Open XML SDK

The VB.NET source code generated by SoxDecompiler is equivalent to the C# version.

Please note that SoxDecompiler will support the “common” parts of a spreadsheet. In general, styles (of text, numbers, cells), images and tables will be supported. The entire spectrum of functionality covered by the SDK and in Excel is huge. Enforcing source code readability required supporting a subset of that, at least initially.

If you’re interested, please leave your email address below, and the moment SoxDecompiler is ready for purchase, you will receive an email notification. Your email address in this case is used only for the purposes of informing you when the software is ready.