Simple and intuitive, SpreadsheetLight is a .NET-compatible software library you can use to create and modify (Excel) spreadsheets. With comprehensive styling functions, fast cell data processing time and the shallowest learning curve you will probably see, SpreadsheetLight is an ideal spreadsheet automation tool. Find out more here.

Spreadsheet Open XML From Scratch

Need to create Microsoft Excel spreadsheets using C#/VB.NET and Open XML SDK? Get this reference manual now. Armed with full working source code, in-depth explanation of Open XML concepts and a 140+ page PDF filled with programming goodness, you never have to fear another spreadsheet. Ever. More information here.

Spreadsheet Open XML Charts

Need to create Open XML charts in a spreadsheet using C# and Open XML SDK? Get this reference manual now. More information here.

OpenXML Spreadsheet Boot Camp

Training course on decompiling Open XML spreadsheets into code and dissecting Excel behaviour. It’s going to be fun. Find out more here.