Featured demo – the.popular.demo

Today’s featured demo is the Popular demo (video link), by Farbrausch. This is one of my favourites, and is one of the few demos I’ve seen that has vocals in it. It’s about 4 minutes in length and 8.2 MB in size (download page at Pouet).

Why is called the popular demo? Because there’s disco. *smile* The central object of attention is a 3D figure model textured with disco ball bling. The music track is upbeat, and I found myself moving to the groove, if you know what I’m saying. You should watch this demo to listen to the music if nothing else. It’s that awesome.

Here are the lyrics to the vocals:

Tonight tonight, it’s all in motion,
Can’t feel the gravity.
Tonight tonight, what is this potion
That makes a fool of me?
Tonight tonight, I’m seeing stars –
I’m blind with love.
Tonight tonight, we’re Venus and Mars
Winking from above.

Tonight tonight, I feel like moving;
Like flying endlessly.
Tonight tonight, the city’s grooving –
They’re dancing all for me.
Tonight tonight, the perfect night,
The only one.
Tonight tonight, I’m holding you tight;
Tomorrow you will be gone…

I was surprised that I understood the lyrics differently. Yes I have my very own Mondegreen! Actually thought I was correct on at least the first verse…

Anyway, remember the 3D figure model? Animating the figure requires some logic. You know, where the feet go, where the elbows bend and so on.

For example, at the start of the demo, the figure is revealed and comes out of the lift/cylinder and walks down the stairs. That should be one “action sequence”. Then the demo smoothly transitions to show the “fr-025” title and the figure is moving again, this time on another action sequence.

Question: In the entire demo, how many distinct action sequences do you count?