$100 Startup bundle

I respect Chris Guillebeau a lot (possibly even a raving fan). His book $100 Startup is going to be on sale soon. But the more important reason is that you can get that together with a bunch of business-y stuff at Only72 right now for $100 total (yes, that’s totally an affiliate link).

Out of all the products in the bundle, I’m interested in the “How To Make iPhone Apps With No Programming Experience” ebook, the small business infrastructure ebook, and guide to publishing ebook.

You want to start a business? This’ll get you started. Hurry, it’s only on sale for 72 hours (hence the name).

Can’t wait to read Chris’s new book. Have I mentioned that’s a hardcover that will be shipped anywhere you live if you buy the bundle now?

Query bundling – an interruption handling tip

Ok, I feel really bad about this. Months ago, when I first had the idea of writing a self-help ebook *gasp*, I asked Ben Barden for a tip on how he handles interruptions. He gave one, and I’m ashamed to say it’s been sitting in my todo list for, well, months.

I’m often asked to do something when I’m already busy with something else. One way I deal with this is to request “query bundling” – basically, if someone expects to have a number of queries, it is far better if they collate the tasks and send them to me in one go, than to interrupt me every time they have a question. In some cases, certain requests can be related to others, so it’s actually quicker and easier to do a few of them at once.

– Ben Barden

I can understand this. When I first started working, I had tons of questions. How did this program work? Why are the programs scheduled in this order? When do we tell the users their reports are ready? What, why is that again?

After a while, I had this feeling that I’m interrupting my senior colleague too much. So without prompting, I started bunching questions together, and when I had to ask, I’ll unleash a few of them at one go. I’d also try to wait to ask when he’s not too busy, but that’s kind of subjective. He’s always busy. And not the useless kind of busy either.

Ben Barden is a musician, blogger and PHP developer. Find out more about him at his site www.benbarden.com