Singularity Magazine October 2011

Singularity Magazine October 2011 issue

Download the October issue now (3 MB).

In this issue, you learn about mooncakes, ebooks and personal growth. The latter two were topics from the BarCampSG7 event I attended.


I will be taking a short break from publishing Singularity for 2 issues. This means there won’t be November 2011 and December 2011 issues. The reason is that I’m working on a software project (see update video), and coding is taking up 95% of my brain computing power (when idle). So I made the painful decision of just concentrating on the software project first.

The magazine will return for the January 2012 issue. You’re a wonderful reader.

You can also keep in touch on the Facebook page, or just watch my videos on YouTube. Short updates and videos are ad-hoc and one-off, so they’re still doable (with my 5% leftover brain power. Wait, how is my body still functioning?). Full formally published PDF magazine issues aren’t.

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Singularity Magazine July 2011

Singularity Magazine July 2011

In this issue of Singularity, you’ll visit the Singapore Science Centre, where you’ll discover the electrifying Tesla coil and fiery fire tornado. Download it now! (about 11MB)

Behind the scenes

Well, last month, my cat was placated only when I agreed to give her back massages. My fingers were stuck in a claw position for several hours for the first few days. Of course, felines don’t care about finger cramps…

The hired fairies also wanted back massages. I stamped my foot on that. I am not giving tiny human-like creatures back massages. That’s just weird…

A song about Jennifer Something

This is a song written for a magazine reader who sent me a nice email. Disclaimer: I do not promise to write you a song if you send me a nice email. Read my magazine Singularity.

Here are the lyrics:

Jennifer Something [but it rhymes with “sea”]
You sent me an email, encouraging me
And my day got brighter just because of that
And the sky was bluer, right off the bat

Jennifer Something [but it rhymes with “sea”]
Your words give a boost like vitamin C
Your words crossed timezones without any lag
You support my work just reading my mag

And what’s this magazine,
With topics written on art and science?
I want to make a scene,
Creating a world more than colours and lines

Jennifer Something [but it rhymes with “sea”]
You’re an awesome person, that’s true as can be