Window view drawing

Here’s another drawing I did:

Window view pencil drawing
[click here for larger image]

This was one of the practice drawings in the book I’m learning pencil drawing from. As you can see, I’m still shaky on the straight lines. But it gave the drawing a raw kind of feel.

I’m also still learning to judge distances and perspective. The original drawing had more of the house outside the window. When I drew mine, the tree on the right cramped up with the upper right window (of the house opposite from where we are), which also cramped up with the tree stump that’s in the middle of the picture.

I do landscape drawing too

For whatever reason, I was seized by the urge to try drawing. I was browsing in a Times bookstore, and I happened on this drawing kit. It consisted of a CD of about an hour of an artist teaching you how to draw. There’s also an instruction book for you to follow along. That was interesting.

But I didn’t buy that. After a couple more visits to the bookstore, I finally searched more on learning artwork. And I found a huge thick book by Barrington Barber, called The Complete Book of Drawing (Amazon affiliate link).

The complete book of drawing by Barrington Barber

After some self debating, I decided to buy that book instead. After flipping through a few pages, I sense I’m going on an awesome adventure. And then I went out to buy some minimal art supplies.

Art supplies

I practised on the drawing exercises. It was tough. I had trouble keeping my eye on the tip of the pencil as I drew. Eventually, I felt I could try imitating some of the tough-looking drawings in the book. And this was my landscape drawing:

Landscape pencil drawing
[click for larger picture]

I think I’m better at landscapes.