Pi Day

Sometimes, in the afternoon, I would glance at the computer clock to check the time. And I get 3:14pm. It’s just weird…

Behind the scenes

On the day I made the video, my headset failed. One minute it was working fine. The next minute, my computer failed to detect it via the USB port.

I checked the USB port itself. My webcam worked on it, so it can’t be the port itself.

I had to go out and buy a cheap microphone so I could record some extra audio. Did you know microphones are hard to get? Well, at least in Singapore. Most electronic stores stock headsets, particularly the high end gaming types.

My newly purchased microphone needed to be near my mouth before any significantly clear audio could be recorded. And that’s because I also wrapped my hand around the microphone to reduce ambient noise and focus my voice into it. I even had my index finger just under my nose so it didn’t catch my breathing sounds.

Do you record video or audio? What equipment do you use?

Singularity Magazine March 2011

Singularity Magazine March 2011

So in a fortnight’s time, it will be Pi Day! Are you excited? Yeah? Yes? no? Oh, you don’t care… Well, you get to eat pies… oh you love pies? Great! So look out on the Internet on March 14. Why March 14? Because the first three digits of PI (3.14159) is 3, 1 and 4. You know, 3/14 as a date?

Anyway, the March 2011 issue of Singularity magazine is available! I’d chomp right through a bushel of cookies if I had it right now. Because I’m that happy. Speaking of cookies, there’s a special report on CookieBank, a sweet way of microlending. Check it out in the magazine.

Since we have Pi Day, we can’t escape from mathematics, right? I bring you an interview with mathematician, John D. Cook. He says contrary to popular understanding, Taylor series approximations are not used to calculate trigonometric functions in computer chips. What, you didn’t know? Neither did I!

Download the March issue right now (about 3MB)

Behind the scenes

So the fairies I hired last month are really good. They helped me track down nice pictures to use in the magazine, small bits of info here and there, do some design stuff. All they ask for is that I feed them, which is ok, since they eat very little. And that I let them take rides on my cat (assistant). My cat graciously obliged (after I begged her imperial Majesty for a few days. I really needed the fairies to help).

There was one small tiny bit of a commotion. An incident really. The fairies were exploring the house, and they settled near my cat’s food bowls. They picked a couple of pieces of dry cat food out.


My cat pounced onto the fairies. Luckily, no fairy was hurt (they fly and flee fast, I’ll give them that). Otherwise I’d have to answer to the Magical Minist… what? Oh, I’m not supposed to tell them. Uh, forget what I said.

So. My cat’s fine with the feline rides. But touch her food bowls and you die. Period.