You are now a Polymer

Ever since I started writing, I’ve been just a little concerned over the name of the blog: Polymath Programmer.

I want to write on topics that I’m familiar with, that I’m fairly good at, that is interesting. Programming formed the main focus, and slowly mathematics as well. I want to bring in other disciplines as well, even if I’m not very good at them, because they’re interesting or somewhat related to programming. Thus was born my main quivers of articles.

Polymathy perfectly encapsulates what I’m trying to get people to understand, to bring together seemingly disparate topics and synthesise them into a solution. Since I’m passionate about coding and its related subjects, I came up with “Polymath Programmer”.

Even though it’s just two words, the first one is big (who knows what “polymath” means anyway?), and both are 3 syllables each. Add them together and I get a long URL. Not very conducive to spreading the word.

Yet it feels right. So I left it as it is. You’ll have to imagine the kinds of typing acrobatics I perform whenever I comment on another blog, or key in my URL. I remember I was registering for a local bloggers’ event, and I made 3 mistakes (3!) while typing in my own URL. I don’t like laptop keyboards…

I want to shorten it. I hope to get people following this way of thinking, of coding, of solving problems. It’s hard to say “I’m a Polymath Programmer”. Doesn’t roll off the tongue easily.

So I put forth all my linguistic skills into play, cutting words up, switching them around and joining them.

  • Polyrammer
  • Polygrammer
  • Programath
  • Polyprog

Finally, I came up with one. It’s even an actual word. This word actually has similar meanings to what my grand idea is.

Thou art now a Polymer.

What do you think? Hopefully, the chemists don’t hammer me…