Stereotypes and Programming

Generally, stereotypes are bad. They’re useful only as a tool to fill in gaps, but most people use it the wrong way, which is they rely *only* on their version of the stereotype.

Also, all software frameworks are stereotypes. Also, the sun was being dramatic.

The Crotch-Grabber Bully

In which I tell you about the time I was humiliated in front of an entire class by a teacher, was called a female fox, and almost had my nether regions grabbed. Though not at the same time (which would have made an awesome tale).

Untold in the video, is the time when I ran away from a bully. I was in the volleyball team in primary school. There was this big bully who was making fun of me. I think it was about my hair.

I ran away, by giving the teacher in charge an excuse.

Unfortunately, the school started a computer club, which happened to be in the exact time spot of the volleyball practises. Due to the excuse I gave, I couldn’t join the computer club.

What would’ve happened had I dealt with the bully in a different way, such that I was able to join the computer club? Would it have made a great different to me now? I wouldn’t know.

This post title is probably gonna attract all sorts of weird spam…

Counting in Chinese

You learn the basics of counting numbers in Chinese. Also, there was a lot of wind. And my camera battery threatened to die on me, hence the hurried nature. I also counted from 1 to 10 in Cantonese, Hokkien and Japanese.

To those participating in VEDA, you made it! VEDA stands for “Vlog Every Day (in) April”. It appears to be a thing that happens on YouTube. There’s also VlogMAFIA, which stands for “Vlogs May Appear Frequently In April”. YouTube people are fun…

Changing Perspectives

You can change the whole world or you can change your own perspective. In a computer, changing a virtual world is just as easy as changing the camera view point.

With computer graphics, with the right set of values, you can move and rotate the virtual world in such a way that it looks as though you’re moving the virtual camera. When you get down to it, it’s just pushing matrices into the pipeline in OpenGL or DirectX or whatever 3D graphics engine you’re using.

Globe Trekking Before Exams

When I was studying in university, I’d watch Globe Trekker (from Lonely Planet TV series) just days before my exams.

Do you have interesting habits/activities you do before exams? If you have “homework music”, what are they?

Playing the keyboard

I thought I’d let you see the notes I was playing on the keyboard for a previous video. Due to various reasons, the actual music was comprised of 2 separate parts that I recorded. There was some construction going on when I recorded that video. And yes, those were birds singing outside my house…

I’ve also never taken piano lessons, so stand down Mozart…

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